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At Fantastic Roofing we understand how important it is to find a licensed and insured roofing contractor professional who will be there when you need one, especially during an emergency roofing situation. We perform all types of roof repair and installation to roof shingles, flat roofing, gutters, ice dam prevention, skylights, attic ventilation, roof flashing, chimney work, roof replacement roof inspection and much more. Call today, you'll be very pleased you did, our on-site computerized estimates are always free!

Here at Fantastic Roofing we are aware of the fact that when building houses or repairing roofs, some contractors tend to rush the roofing job and finish it in one day. For this reason alone, a homeowner may only need to wait for a few years or even several months before experiencing roofing problems. This is because of the lack of time spent refining the workmanship in finishing the roof.

Another cause of leaking roofs is when the roofer does not take into consideration the entire area of the roof, and how many possible paths the water will travel which will cause the leaking. Improperly installed or defective flashings including the valley where two roofs join together, chimney, apron and step flashing are other reasons for leaking roofs. If the problem is not immediately addressed, the frames will begin to rot, especially since the material will be continuously damp.

Our goal is to ensure that the repair or installation work that we perform is completed using only the highest quality products, without compromising the time that it takes to complete the job and the costs involved.

With almost 25 years of experience in the roofing business, we have gained expertise that we can proudly guarantee that the quality of our roof repair and installation will last for many years


Seamless Gutters: 0.24 gauge seamless gutters, 0.32 gauge seamless gutters make sure that you know what kind of gutters you are getting for you money. There is a big difference between the twoo gages of gutter and leaders the 0.32' s paint will hold up much better to the elements and last a lot longer approximately 20 Years. You be fortunate to get 15 years out of 0.24 gutters
Listed below are some of the roofing services that we offer:
  • Repair of roof vent pipe
  • Repair of satellite dish
  • Repair of overflowing gutters
  • Repair / installation of leaking skylights
  • Repair / installation of flashing
  • Repair / installation of chimney flashing
  • Repair / installation of roof ventilation
  • Blown off ridge vent repair
  • Stack pipe repair
  • Blown off siding repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Blown off shingle repair
  • Roof valley repair
  • Roof cleaning

For immediate assistance by fantastic Roofing technical support team, contact 24/7 Customer Care.

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